The Mountain Children’s Foundation (MCF), a nonprofit society, had its beginnings in the International Conference of Mountain Children (ICMC) held in Dehradun in May 2002.

The MCF grew out   of the UN’s declaration of the year 2002 as the International Year of the   Mountains and is inspired in part by the Global Movement for   Children.

The MCF’s drive and energy come from the many social  organisations, national and international, who for long have been in the  service of children. The MCF continues to aggregate and synergise its efforts  against the background of a growing concern for the fact that the  percentage of children in the total population  in most developing countries is  on the rise.

The basic tenet of the MCF is to encourage self-motivated groups of children to drive   the Mountain Children’s Foundation. The MCF never believes in telling children what to do. It rather leads them on in a process of discovery and exploration of their community, their milieu, their environment and eventually themselves. (Source- MCF website)

Mountain Children’s Foundation